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How to use is a free billing software that can be used to record and submit your billing to the Ministry of Health.

The software can be used in two ways:

You do your own billing:

1. Use to electronically record your billing data.

2. Create submission files compatible with MC-EDT with

3. Upload the submission files via MC-EDT.

4. Reconcile using by uploading your remittance advice.

You have a billing agent:

1. Use with your billing agent. Begin by recording your billing data using

2. Your agent will have instant access to all your data.

3. Your agent will review your claims.

4. Your agent will submit to the ministry of health and handle reconcilliation as necessary.

“I’ve been using the app for about 6 months now and I’ve had a great experience. The new version has really streamlined my hospital billing. No need to carry little bits of paper around anymore! And my billing agent can bill on the fly as I submit which is really convenient.”
Dr. K. Y., Cardiologist, Scarborough

What can do for you?

Claim Dashboard

Claim Dashboard

Quickly see all your current, pending and paid claims at a glance

New Claim

New Claim

Simple and streamlined claim creation

Daily Claims

Daily Claim Details

We auto populate 80% of the codes you need automatically.

Additional features:

-SSL bank grade encryption for the highest standards of security and safety.

-Collect billing info on the fly using a mobile device.

-Organized billing, where all your claims are stored in one location and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.

After experiencing complicated, insecure and time consuming billing process in my hospitalist work, I thought "there has to be a better way!" Thus we created to streamline billing process; from point-of-care data entry to easy submission. You can use it as a stand-alone billing platform, or a communication tool with your billing agent.
Getting Started

So you want to try it?

Sign up for free with on the web. Once you have signed up, you can access the site from your computer or your mobile phone.

For billing agents, contact us to create your account and let physicians connect to you!


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Looking for a billing agent?

These agents are already using!

Stephen Udvari

JCL Medical Systems


Brenda-Lee Ryan

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Linda Rehmund

LRR Medical Billing

George Themelis


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Are you a billing agent interested in using is a full fledged billing software!

Your client also uses

1. Your client uses to electronically record billing data. Connect to your client and instantly access their data using

2. Review the claims and make necessary changes. Once satisfied, let create a submission file.

3. Upload the submission file via MC-EDT.

4. Reconcile with Download remittance advice or other error messages from MC-EDT and plug them into

Your client uses paper/fax/email:

Manually enter billing information using Create submission file and upload to MC-EDT. Upload remittance advice and reconcile claims using

" is exiting new billing company that is filling the needs of our physicians by taking out the "worry" out of transferring data to and from billing agents as well as providing an easy and effective method of maximizing the physicians billing habits. Its the way of the future."
Laurie M, billing agent, Gatineau, Qc
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